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by National lnstitute informatics
Can jointly search NII academic contents portal article information navigator, library information navigator, scientific research grants database, academic research database repository, and academic organization repository portal.
Science and Technology Article News (BUNSOKU) 
by Japan Science and Technology AgencyiJSTj
Science and Technology Article News gEnergy and Nuclear Engineeringh from 2009 Web version
Atomic & Molecular Numerical Databases
Atomic and Molecular Data Research Center
You can access through LocalAccessOnly from the lab. After research, click ElectronicJournal to link to the website.
Technology Research Association reports database
by@Technology Research Association
Reports of workshop that is held mainly by universities and technical departments of research institutes throughout Japan every year. You can search for past five years.Title, author, date and venue will be displayed in the search results.
Japanese Periodicals Index
Courtesy of National Diet Library
About 10,000 journals are recorded such as scientific journals published in Japan.If you click gSearch for Japanese Periodicals Indexh of List of indexed periodicals in the Japanese Periodicals Index, search screen will be displayed.
HEP Database by StanfordLinearAcceleratorCenter by Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
HEP Database contains 450,000 records related to high-energy physics.
Infotrieve by Infotrieve s the definitive research portal, leading the market in article research and delivery.
Ingenta by Ingenta Available to access more than 2,600 scientific journals.
INIS@Database (International Nuclear Information System)
Database of science and technology articles published worldwide on peaceful uses in the field of nuclear power.  Searchable from 1970 to present.
Scitation by AmericanInstitute of Physics:AIP Search by keyword
Some full text is available
Sci Verse
by Elsevier
By combining ScienceDirect and Scopus into a single platform, not only is compatibility between the two products increased but with SciVerse Hub, ScienceDirect makes possible joint searching of ScienceDirect, Scopus and web information.
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by National Institute of Informatics (NII)

Article Information Navigator - provides article information, primarily for Japanese academic articles

You cannot access these databases from your laboratory.

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by Japan Science and Technology Corporation

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Science and Technology Article News (BUNSOKU) 
EnergyENuclear power version

Japan Science and Technology AgencyiJSTj
available on third floor (Study rooms)

by Japan Science and Technology Corporation
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