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User's guide

Opening hours
Weekdays The admissions office is open 9 AM to 5 PM.
Outside these hours, and ID card is necessary to enter or leave the Library.
Weekends and holidays No counter service. ID card required to enter or leave.

You can check out a book yourself at a computer terminal located on each floor by registering your ID card and E-mail address. Please contact our staff. The terminal is provided with a sensor which reads your ID card, and a reader wand which reads the bar code on the book. Finally, you push "finish" to confirm that the information displayed is correct and the checkout procedure is completed.
Loan period
Books : up to 1 month Renewing :
You may consult your borrowing record and also renew loans.
[1] Read your ID card into the checkout machine.
[2] Click the "State" buttons from the main menu bar at the bottom of the screen.
[3] Click the tick box in the left hand column by the item you wish to renew and click the "Renwal" button marked for renewal.
However, you can't renw books reserved by somesone.
Journals : up to 1 week
More than one book can be borrowed
Reserve collection
If you need a book which is lending out, you are available to reserve.
But you can't find the book which should be on the shelf,
please contact us.
Return to 3rd floor counter. At that, your ID card isn't necessary. On days when the Library is closed, bring books to return post next to the office.

Ask a reference librarian
When you have some inquiries and comments, please let us know how we can be of help. Requests are accepted through on the Internet .

For outside users
The NIFS Library is open to students or staff belonging to other organizations and universities, and to the public interested in nuclear fusion. For use, please bring an Identification card or a letter of introduction. You can freely use library services such as browsing or information retrieval, but there is a charge for photocopying.

Floor plans

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